Composition Voglibose 0.3/0.2 mg
Indication Diabetes mellitus
Mechanism of Action

Voligbose has general properties similar to acarbose and selectively inhibits α-glucosidase in the enteric canal, delaying the digestion and absorption of carbohydrate, thereby suppressing sharp increase in post-prandial plasma glucose.


Absorption: voglibose is poorly absorbed after oral administration. However, systematic adverse effects have been observed.

Metabolism: the metabolism of voglibose in liver is negligible

Excretion: The renal excretion is negligible and plasma concentations after oral dose have been undetectable.

Side effects

Flatulence; abdominal distension; diarrhoea; pain; skin reactions;

hypoglycemia; increased LFT.

Potentially Fatal: Hepatotoxicity


History of laparotomy or ileus. Roemheld's syndrome, stenosis, severe hepatic or renal impairment. Child <18 yr; elderly. Monitor LFT. Treat hypoglycaemic episodes with glucose (not with sucrose).


Adult: 200-300 mcg Thrice a day.

Elderly: Initiate at lower doses.